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- How do you get a Monopholosaurus saddle? = Killing the Monopholosaurus has a 20% chance of dropping its saddle.

- The Majungo is currently temporarily using the Carno saddle until it gets its own

- Where do i find Griffins? = Snow biome has 5 Griffin spawns

- Is there an aberration cave? = There is a huge Aberration cave with all aberration resources and dinos on battlefield island (Middle one) if you dive in the big lake and go for a swim you will come to an area with a teleporter which you can use to enter the aberration cave. Once there you can find the Fertile, biolume and element zones found in the Aberration DLC. To get out, there is a teleporter consol near the obelisk in the fertile area you first came into, this will take you out.

We are currently working on the abberation cave to include the surface. Fertile, biolume and element areas are already in place, they are accessable and we are tweaking the light levels, spawn rates and content for optimum playing experience.

- Is there a list of class names of the Battle dinos somewhere?
= They are in Assets/Blueprints/Battledinos