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Welcome to Ebenus Astrum

This Map Contains all the wonders of the Currently Released DLC's for ARK: SE & our wonderful Mappers are Currently working very hard to expand this map so you never run out of things to explore or Creatures to Tame

Currently Features the Following Custom Dinos:

Currently Featuring the Following Completed Areas:

Currently Planned Areas: Pyramid Cave W/ Artifact, Swamp Cave W/ Artifact, RedWood Cave W/ Artifact,

Mappers: Swampy, Enigma

Wiki Editor: StaquirBC

Dino Connoisseur (Dino Maker): GodZilla

Alpha Testers: Yarppa, Annieh, LocJe, PenguinBadger, T-Rexzz, Thygan, Wiebiebie, YouKnowZMe!, Battery, Atavolpe, Coco, Di3s, FluffyMuppet, Khichira, LOA | Kevinnaiitor, MrSully, Nexiam, PloxX, SmartiesHenk,

Beta Testers: DragonGamesDEV, Kane, Leobud, Mallory, MysticalNutz, Sienna, SpacemanSpiff, Strahlemann, EezaGeeza, FlakMagnet1701, Iowan, Jacenakurz, KitzOni, Nele, Small, GrandVult

Without these people the map wouldn't be what it is today so big thanks to them all!