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Waterfall Cave

Waterfall Cave is located in South West part of the Jungle

At coordinates 68.4 Lat, 28.6 Lon

It Contains Artifact of the Hunter


  • The Cave entrance is far too small to bring many tames into the cave.
  • The Cave at times can drop below in temperature causing death by freezing.
  • Falling into the Cave Angler Pool is almost certain death as they are Extremely high level and vicious, also Megalania hang out above the pit with only a narrow bridge deciding your fate.
  • Many Stalagmites create a maze of sorts through out the cave.
  • Many of the cave paths loop around, making you run around in circles.
  • Gear to combat cold such as fur, or hide (30 fortitude helps)
  • Otter Shoulder pet (To help keep warm)